How Donald Trump has already abused his power with one Tweet

Recently, Donald Trump tweeted an advertisement. That really should speak for itself. When the soon-to-be most powerful man in the world is endorsing a snow boot company, we really need to stop and reflect on what’s happened to our country. Mr Trump’s endorsing of LL Bean is essentially an example of the antique spoils system. Linda Bean donated to Mr Trump’s campaign, and as a result, buys her company an endorsement from the President-elect. It seems as though we have been flung back in time to the Gilded Age.

After Mr Trump’s tweet, federal employees, specifically executive branch employees, were reminded that endorsing or advertising products is unethical and should not be done.

Mr Trump has already shown the American people that he is unable to separate business and politics. His many companies will be managed by his sons upon his inauguration, rather than by a blind trust (as past presidents have done with their companies/assets). Personally, I believe Mr Trump is decidedly untrustworthy and we should expect him to regularly communicate with his sons regarding the state of his many businesses. Why should we expect him to tell the truth about this? After all, he has already gone back on many of his campaign promises (apparently, US taxpayers are going to pay for his famous wall now! Or is it a fence?).

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