The Kavanaugh proceedings have been an American tragedy

What kind of a country would we live in if trials and civil proceedings were conducted in the same way as the FBI’s so-called “investigation” into the Kavanaugh allegations? Would we feel safe, knowing that those who stand accused of crimes merely have to say “I didn’t do it” to get off the hook?


Obviously, we have a strong tradition of the presumption of innocence in this country when it comes to criminal proceedings. This is vital to the American way of life. What the GOP seems to forget, however, is that the Kavanaugh nomination process is not a criminal case.


It is a job interview.


Now, dear readers, let me pose this question to you: if you were in a position to hire someone for your company, and one candidate for the job had been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, would you hire him? Let’s make it more interesting, and say that you decided to look into the allegations yourself. Would you want to talk to the women who accused him? Would you seek to uncover as much information as possible about the allegations?


If you answered no, then you might be a Republican!


This administration has proven itself beyond capable of silencing women who have grievances to air. In fact, the President himself has had sixteen (yes, you read that right) different women accuse him of sexual misconduct. His administration was very successful in limiting the scope of the FBI investigation, and his trends continue.


We are at a crossroads in American politics. No, let me correct that- we are at a crossroads in American civility, and we must choose between two very, very distinct paths.


One path is to make it clear to men that sexual assault is no small deal, and to make it clear to women that they should be comfortable coming forward and discussing their past traumas.


The other path is to give these women the colloquial “highway salute”, and pursue political victories at high speeds and at all costs.


If I had to guess which path it seems that we’ve started down- well, you know as well as I do where we’re headed. Yes, the #MeToo movement was and is a huge step towards ending this kind of sexual misconduct against both women and men.


However, it’s clear that Republicans simply do not care about the allegations against Kavanaugh, and I shudder to think what it would be like to be a woman in the current public climate. It seems that for every two steps forward, we must take a step back.


All of this aside, the question that has really been bugging me lately is this: if Kavanaugh truly has nothing to hide (as our infallible President, who is, “like, really smart” tells us), why would the Trump administration limit the scope of the FBI investigation so heavily? Any American with any more than six brain cells can clearly see that this is a coverup.


If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Supreme Court will be tainted forever. We already have one sexual deviant on the bench (see: Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, 1991), and that is one too many. What does confirming another tell the women and girls of America?


It tells them that we do not care about them.


However, I am here to tell them something different. I am here to say that decent Americans everywhere support and believe you. Decent Americans everywhere are shocked by the events in Washington. Daughters of America, despair not. We will turn the tide in November. This abominable treatment of victims will not, and can not, continue. What can we do, you ask?




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