Trump’s Administration and Foreign Policy Implications

If you have been paying attention to Trump’s administration appointments, you will notice that many of Trump’s nominees are billionaires like him. Mr Trump, throughout the election, has fancied himself a champion of the working class.

Mr Trump’s Cabinet appointees do not follow that model. Many of his appointees (Rex Tillerson, for example) are mega-rich billionaires who have made their fortune on globalism and free trade. Mr Trump’s protectionist policies fly in the face of the actions of many of his Cabinet appointees. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how former “globalists” handle their new protectionist agenda.

A large number of Mr Trump’s appointees are former military members, which in and of itself is not a bad thing. However, it gives rise to the idea that perhaps the Trump presidency will end up as more of a military administration than civilian administration. He is clearly going for the Reagan-esque “peace through strength” idea. To his supporters, an administration filled with military men and women means that “America will be respected again”. It seems that the only diplomatic strategy Trump or his supporters can fathom is war. Every diplomat knows that war is the last stage of diplomacy, not the first. It is my opinion that Trump will rely far too heavily on the military and scare-tactics to further his vague foreign policy agenda. This will result in deterioration of our most important alliances (Trump has already said he will “certainly look” at pulling the United States out of NATO).

It will also be interesting to see how a majority military administration handles an idea like pulling out of NATO. There is no doubt that people like Gen. James Mattis understands the importance of this alliance. Hopefully, the military members of Mr Trump’s administration will do their best to talk him out of any alliance-damaging actions.

Putin’s strong-arming of Trump has already begun

Throughout this election cycle, Donald Trump’s pro-Russia and pro-Putin rhetoric seemed to be out-of-character for Republicans; but then again, nothing Trump did throughout the campaign was characteristic of the typical Republican. To me, it seemed fishy that Mr Trump was so eager to appeal to Vladimir Putin and Russia. The intelligence community has long been wary of possible Russian interference that would be benevolent to Mr Trump. Mr Trump’s foreign affairs have so far been nothing but beneficial to Russia; Mr Trump has threatened NATO and pulled ambassadors from every country, often times without filling their posts (every US ambassador around the world is compelled to leave their office by January 20).

The fact that rumors regarding Russia blackmailing Mr Trump are being addressed by intelligence officials speaks for itself. If this were another case of simple “fake news”, we wouldn’t have seen the response that we’ve seen so far. Vice President Joe Biden has confirmed that both himself and President Obama have been briefed on the situation. It is not so far fetched to imagine that Russian intelligence agencies could have potentially damaging information regarding the President-elect. The election of a pro-Russia president comes at a convenient (possibly planned?) time for Russia, as they solidify their illegal presence in the Ukraine.

It is easy to find the connections between the President-elect and potential Russian blackmailing. According to TIME, “several of Trump’s businesses outside of Russia are entangled with Russian financiers inside Putin’s circle.” Similarly, according to the Washington Post, Russian hackers breached the DNC and stole information on Hillary Clinton (with the intention of further damaging her reputation), as well as the “entire database of opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump”. With that in mind, is it so preposterous to imagine that Russian intelligence agencies have dirt on the President-elect? The only solution to this foreign sabotage of our most important election is the immediate resignation of President-elect Trump.